Book Buying Policy

Seeking to Sell Your Books?

Personal libraries, estates, and private collections can be shared with new readers through Post Horizon Booksellers. With online listings, we serve clients across Canada, and internationally. If we can assist you with books you no longer need, please speak with us.

We would find it helpful to have you phone ahead to inquire what books we are currently purchasing and to arrange a time to bring in your books or to have them picked up.

Please plan on leaving your books with us in advance of making any financial arrangements. Once the books have been appraised we will convey to you an amount for the purchase of your books.

We take pride in our selection and the condition of our books and this strongly influences what books we acquire. The best way to know what sort of books we might purchase is to browse our collections. If your books are of similar subject matter and condition, then we may be interested.

We do not accept comics or magazines, Harlequin, Reader’s Digest, encyclopedias, adult or occult material. We reserve the right to refuse any books brought to our store.

Books that are not selected will be recycled (depending on condition), passed on to charity, or you may choose to take them back. Returns not picked up within two weeks are automatically recycled.