Book Exchange Policy

Wanting to Exchange Books for Credit?

We welcome both non-fiction and fiction books for in-store credit. We take pride in our selection and the condition of our books and this strongly influences what books we will accept for credit.

We require a minimum 24 hours to process your books, so please plan on leaving them with us in advance of making any exchange on credit.* We would find it helpful to have you phone ahead and arrange a time to bring in your books.

Books that are not selected for credit are passed on to charity, recycled (depending on condition), or you may choose to take them back. Returns not picked up within two weeks are automatically recycled.

Books are assessed for credit from a baseline of 20% of the publisher’s price and a three point grading system according to condition.

Books without pricing, are assessed from a baseline of 20% of what the list price will be.

Book Club editions and ex-library books are rarely accepted and receive a flat rate credit.

We do not sell comics, or magazines, nor do we accept Harlequin, Reader’s Digest, encyclopedias, adult or occult material. We reserve the right to refuse any books brought to our store.

We encourage credit be used within one year from the date it is granted or last used.
Credit may be used toward the genre of books you brought in: fiction for fiction for example. In-store credit cannot be applied to antiquarian books, special orders or new books in the store.

*If you are traveling from out-of-town, please let us know.